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Even in the most ancient of times, Africa was acknowledged as a remarkable place, one of astonishing achievements and extraordinary people. As long ago as the first century AD, the philosopher Pliny the Elder declared: ‘Ex Africa semper aliquid novi – There is always something new out of Africa’. There are plenty of tales to tell, mysteries to be solved and legends to be unraveled.

South Africa Weird and Wonderful explores the wrecks and ruins that bear testament to great civilizations, powerful kingdoms and calamitous disasters. Marvel at the extraordinary people: remote tribes, heroes, ancient forefathers and modern leaders – and read all about the darker side of human nature that thrives on crimes and scams. Stories of some of South Africa’s amazing animals cast a fascinating new light on the world that you think you know, while true tales of the supernatural will keep you on the edge of your seat.


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The Serpent Under

South Africa Weird and Wonderful



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