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1. Pierre Basson Murdering for money - South Africa's first mass murderer, 1903
2. The Foster Gang Robert Foster - Public enemy number one, 1914
3. Dorothea Kraft When witchcraft fails - The first woman hanged in the Union of South Africa, 1918
4. Stephanus Swart Blood for blood - South Africa's first spree killer, 1927
5. Petrus Stephanus Hauptfleisch The most dastardly crime in the calendar - Matricide, 1925
6. Daisy de Melker South Africa's most famous poisoner, 1932
7. Maria Helena Gertruida Lee She talked her way to the gallows - Arsenic poisoner, 1947
8. The Theft The Theft of the Oppenheimer jewels, 1955
9. Dr. Gerhardus Buchner The abortion scandal, 1949
10. Bubbles Schroeder South Africa's most famous unsolved murder, 1949
11. Margaret Rheeder The woman who talked herself to death, 1957
12. Duncan Donald Moodie Wife killer, 1961
13. Marthinus Rossouw For Services Rendered, 1961
14. Hendrik Verwoerd Murder in parliament, 1966
15. The Glazer Kidnapping 1966
16. Ronald Cohen Murder with a blunt instrument, 1970
17. The Great Trust Bank robbery 1971
18. Marlene Lehnberg The scissors murderer , 1974
19. Eschel Rhoodie The government's information scandal, 1979/80
20. The Stander Gang A rogue cop,- 1983/84
21. Lindi Mangaliso She hired assasins to murder her husband, 1986
22. Yassiem Harris and Sandra Smith Two ruthless killers, 1986
23. Zola Mahobe The rise and fall of 'Mr. cool', 1983/87
24. William van der Merwe The screwdriver rapist, 1989
25. Barend Hendrik Strydom The Strijdom Square massacre, 1988
26. Maria Krebs The 3-in-a-bed murder, 1987
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