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"Before I met Brenda I didn’t know that killing a person could be so easy. I’m not talking about killing someone by mistake, accidentally tripping them up on the stairs or knocking them over with a car, that sort of thing, I mean actual murder, with malice, aforethought and in cold blood. Take my word, it’s a lot simpler than most people think.
I know there are those who will say I’m a monster because of what I’ve done, but I didn’t set out to hurt anyone. In fact, a lot of things that happened occurred by accident almost. That’s why I’ve decided to explain, to give my side of the story and to put things into perspective, I mean."

The Serpent Under is a gripping story of murder, robbery and deceit.

Mathew and Brenda are angry and someone has to pay. Both are perfectionists. He is looking to commit the perfect crime and she is looking for commitment from the perfect man. They are unremarkably apart and explosive together. So when Matthew reveals his plan, Brenda goes along eagerly. After all, it’s such a simple scheme, such easy money. Then they embark on a more ambitious project and things suddenly start to go disastrously wrong…

The Serpent Under is published by Jacana Media, Johannesburg, South Africa.


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The Serpent Under

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